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The iFollowOffice team are cloud desktop experts; we’re here to help drive productivity across your business and make IT woes a thing of the past.

Simon Osman


Simon has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and always keeps his finger on the pulse of the IT industry. Prior to creating iFollowOffice, he founded parent company Viastak and successfully built and sold Evolution Voice & Data, a multi-million pound telco company. He was named in the Who’s Who of Young British Entrepreneurs between 2008-2010.

A long-time advocate of office freedom, he is passionate about cloud technology – and the potential it has to truly liberate the modern employee.

In his spare time, Simon enjoys spending time with his children, keeping up with the latest tech news, and watching competitive sports. In that order. Probably.

Campbell Burns


Campbell has over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Having cut his teeth at niu and Evolution Voice & Data, he understands the finance industry like Monet understood watercolours.

With specific expertise in managed services and forging business partnerships, Campbell is endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of emerging technology. He also enjoys spending time with his kids.

Chris Coupe

Chris Coupe Business Development Director

Chris serves as director at both iFollowOffice and parent organisation Viastak. Having spent six years in business development and management, Chris plays an invaluable role in seeking out new opportunities and driving the company forward.

He supports Tottenham Hotspur and enjoys spending time with his dog – a Schnauzer, if you were wondering!

Channelle Tame

Channelle Tame Projects Director

Channelle Tame has worked for iFollowOffice for over 3 years, and excels at service delivery, project management, and customer relations. A great motivator and team leader, Channelle is in charge of providing iFollowOffice’s clients with the service they deserve.

Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore Finance Director

We like our pricing and costs to be as predictable as possible, and Natalie Moore helps us keep them that way. Another niu alumnus, Natalie has worked for finance departments for almost a decade and was previously employed at Ipitomi and Allen Coding Systems.

Mikael Michelier

Mikael Michelier Technical Director

With experience in the UK and on the continent, Mikael Michelier is in charge of all things technical – and ensures our customers always receive their promised SLAs. In addition to providing considerable network engineering expertise, he serves as the main point of contact between our project managers and IT staff and owns the technical life-cycle.

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