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PC. Mac. iOS. Android. iFollowOffice’s cloud technology provides absolute freedom – whatever your device, wherever you’re using it. The needs of the modern employee are no longer well-suited to the 9-5 model, but how do you accommodate this as an employer?

iFollowOffice is the answer. Whether you’re in a bustling metropolitan area or trapped in an Antarctic weather station, if you have a working internet connection, you can access your cloud remote desktop.

One of the largest barriers to cloud adoption is security: people like the technology well enough, they just don’t like the idea of relinquishing control of their data. With our peerless risk management system, we’re looking to change this perception: iFollowOffice controls access to company data, provides robust network safeguards, and manages your virtual infrastructure with efficiency, ease, and total simplicity.

iFollowOffice’s scalable cloud technology ensures that your business growth will never outpace your IT infrastructure. Available on a per user, per month basis, you can effortlessly expand – or reduce – your capacity to accommodate your company’s needs. And because of the fee structure, you won’t ever be in a situation where you need to buy a bunch of licenses in bulk because you’ve hired one new employee.

Surprises are great – when they take the form of reunions, tiny chocolate eggs, or birthday parties. When they show up in your company ledger, they’re usually a huge inconvenience.

When it comes to finances, unpredictability is the last thing you want – so we ensure that all our pricing is as predictable as possible. iFollowOffice’s fixed, all-inclusive per user, per month fee structure means you’ll never be paying for anything you don’t need – and your overheads won’t suffer because we’re upgrading our system.

How much time have you wasted updating data and applications on each individual device? With iFollowOffice, managing your desktops is entirely centralised: make your changes and perform your maintenance from the dashboard – that’s all there is to it.

Every customer’s needs are different: a mission-critical application for one business might be completely useless for another. So we’ll tailor your cloud desktop to your business. Partnered with Amazon Web Services, our software optimises your resources and your critical systems by giving you absolute control over how every application in your cloud desktop environment is used.

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