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Private Prospects: Why The Private Cloud Is Here To Stay

private cloud

The phrase “third wheel” probably doesn’t fill you with much excitement – unless your surname happens to be Trotter, of course.  It’s that middle man who barely makes an impression between two vastly more inspiring options.  In cloud computing, there are three options: public, private and hybrid cloud.  From much of what’s said in the industry press, it can often seem like the private cloud is the third wheel in this holy trinity.  All the fuss seems to be about public, the oldest and most well-known cloud; and hybrid, the flash new kid on the block.  Meanwhile, private plods along under the radar.  Does this mean that private cloud is destined to be the Ron Weasley between this story’s leading man and leading lady?  Or does a more exciting future await?

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Cloud First: The Basis Of The UK Government’s IT Policy

cloud first

In May 2013, the UK coalition government launched their “cloud first” IT policy in the public sector, having had the plan in the works for two years previously.  As the name suggests, the idea was to promote cloud computing as the go-to option for new IT purchases and initiatives.  This was a scheme to create budget savings and efficiencies – often the driver for many policies that the government has implemented since 2010.  Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude contested at the time that the cloud first strategy also helped make services more competitive by offering greater choice and innovation.  Three years on, it is worth looking at the reasons behind that public initiative, and the progress it has made.

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Security Concerns Sprout – But Investment In Cloud Grows Ever Stronger

security concerns

There is no question that cloud adoption is on the rise.  Yet, as with all new-fangled technology – which the cloud effectively is, despite the length of time it has been on the market – a certain degree of scepticism can weigh heavily on the mind of the potential user.  The biggest of these, both in our personal experience with clients and in widely reported studies, is the issue of security.  Understandably so.  Rightly so.  You need to be able to trust a cloud provider who takes responsibility for the safety of your data.  In the recently published 2016 Cloud Security Spotlight Report (reported by Crowd Research Partners) general security concerns were cited as a barrier to adoption by 53% of respondents.  This occurs against the backdrop of rocketing adoption worldwide.  How can we reconcile these two consolidated trends?

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Amazon Web Services Strike Gold With Cloud Software Provider Salesforce

software provider

Amazon Web Services – partner of iFollowOffice – just keep rising and rising.  With a share in the cloud provider market of over 30%, they continue to lead the pack by a huge margin, leaving nearest competitor Microsoft Azure and all the others in the dust.  This week, AWS added a significant feather to their cap by adding the cloud software provider Salesforce to their considerable roster of clients.  Valued at $50bn, Salesforce is in some ways an unusual client for AWS to have signed up – though they will undoubtedly be delighted to have done so.

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The Digital Revolution: A Quick Guide To Bringing Businesses Into The Present Day

digital revolution

Anyone heard of the Digital Age?  It’s a phrase that’s only been doing the rounds in the media for about thirty years or so.  But it’s important.  Really important.  There’s barely a business surviving that can function without a computer.  And while we are now entering the next phrase of that era – one that is spearheaded by cloud computing – it’s important not to lose sight of that original computerised framework.  According to the World Economic Forum, the digital revolution requires a number of key components from businesses.  We’re going to tackle each of them in turn below.

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Ford Goes Cloud: A Titanic Indictment Of Cloud Based Software

cloud based software

It just so happens that we quoted Henry Ford in an iFollowOffice article only on Tuesday week.  Less than two days later, Ford Motor Company announced a mammoth investment of over $180m in a cloud based software company.  Now, we’re not suggesting our prior mention of the company’s historic founder had any influence on that decision…we are merely implying it.  All jesting aside, however, it is a huge statement for Ford to make in their quest to become not only an automaker, but also a big data-based mobility company.  This is turn is a ringing endorsement of the capabilities of cloud based software.  So what does Ford’s latest move teach us?

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Future Technology: What Should We Expect From The Internet Of Things?

future technology

In one sense, the above question can’t really be answered.  Did we know, for instance, that cars were going to be invented before they were?  Henry Ford allegedly said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.’”  That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t make educated guesses as to how future technology will unfold – and in the device-driven world that we currently occupy, the driver of new products, services and technical functions is what has become known as the “Internet of Things.”

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Amazon Share Prices Rocket – And The Cloud Is The Driver


Most of us know Amazon primarily for its consumer operation: online shopping, video streaming and so on.  Or indeed for being a rainforest in South America.  It might be natural to assume, therefore, that these are the foremost drivers for the company’s impressive growth of late.  Not so.  Amazon has recorded striking figures for the first quarter of 2016, with net income ranked at $513 million and sales 64% up from the equivalent period in 2015.  However, it is actually their cloud initiative, Amazon Web Services, which is powering the bulk of this growth – and some commentators think it could even make Amazon the biggest company in the world!

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What Makes The Cloud So Appealing To Small And Medium Sized Business?

medium sized business

Launching a business in today’s economic climate requires a lot of hard work, and more than a fair bit of imagination.  There are big beasts in the corporate world that are established in the public domain and trusted by consumers, and have far more money behind them.  In a small business, therefore, you have to make the most of the resources you’ve got – in terms of the talent you hire, the suppliers you rely on and the business practices you leverage.  The solution that small and medium sized business often turns to, to allow for creativity and flexibility, is cloud computing.

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Viastak attend the 2016 Unified Communications Expo at Olympia London!

unified communications

Over the course of the 19th-20th April, the Unified Communications (or UC) Expo took place at the Olympia London venue in Kensington.  Representing our parent company Viastak, a number of iFollowOffice executives made the journey down to see what was on offer.  We were on a quest for wisdom – and perhaps a tangible reward here and there! – and were not dissatisfied with what we found.

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