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Founded in 2011 by CEO Simon Osman, iFollowOffice supplies businesses of all sizes with secure, virtual cloud desktop solutions.

The 9-to-5 model isn’t going to cut it anymore: it’s so old hat it should be worn with a tailcoat. Working practices have changed – but until recently, technology hasn’t changed to accommodate them.

Designed with employers and employees in mind, our best-in-class cloud desktops offer unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and IT security – on any device, from any location.

By virtualising all applications, data, and storage via Amazon Web Services public cloud, we’ll reduce your costs, improve your key processes, and liberate your office. Our versatile support staff, available 24/7, will ensure you’re always maximising your efficiency and productivity.

IT should be an asset, not a restraint. iFollowOffice helps it reach its potential.

iFollowOffice is owned by Viastak, the market leading technology consultancy.

Want to reduce IT expenditure and give your employees the flexibility they are looking for? Get in touch to see how we can help.

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